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Final night abroad!

It’s been two weeks since my last post.  And, Barcelona has come to a close. It’s bittersweet but I’m ready to move on.  Unfortunately, the weather was getting to be absolutely beautiful as soon as I was leaving.  The streets were buzzing with people and the beaches were becoming more and more lively. The whole atmosphere of the city was changing AS SOON AS I leave.

Saturday I flew Barcelona to Edinburgh.  So many emotions were felt on that flight, as I said “Hasta Luego” to Spain.  All of the memories I shared with my best friends, it’s over (for now). I will definitely be back to Spain at some point.  As the flight landed in Edinburgh it was raining. Surprise, surprise. Good ol’ Scotland. Turns out the upcoming forecast for Scotland and England is just nothing but rain, rain, rain.  

It feels good to be back in my home away from home.  I’ve already met some of the students living in the Dalkeith house, where I lived exactly three years ago.  I saw the one and only Chef Henry for the first time since 2015. It was great to hear his heavy Scottish accent once again.

Thursday to Wednesday I did a six night trip through England. I took the train down to Bristol and spent three amazing nights in this city.  I was really looking forward to the city, despite some people telling me it wasn’t worth it. I hopped off the train, and hopped on a bus which placed me a nice three minute walk away from my hostel.  I walked through what they call the “Bearpit” which was a park in the middle of an intersection which was covered in local street art and graffiti. There were people here hanging out, skateboarding, having a good time. This Bearpit greeted me before I even checked into my hostel.  It was already a great feeling. Bristol really opened my eyes. I walked through the city and noticed how genuinely nice the people were here. They would say “sorry” for the weirdest of things on the streets. For example, I was walking and there was a runner running by me with little room on the sidewalk.  I moved aside for her to get by and she said “sorry” as she was striding past. It’s uncommon to hear these very polite manners in the littlest aquantinances.

Bristol, with a population of 450,000 people, is a place that strives with music and art.  The music scene is unreal with live gigs everynight in a number of places. The Clifton Suspension Bridge is also another main tourist attraction of Bristol.  I walked on that on my final morning in the city. It was stunning with great views on both sides. I was just so shocked at the number of friendships I made in my short three days.  All of the people I talked with, I talked with beyond the surface. Each person I talked with had something real to say about life. It was rather inspirational has left me with many thoughts to this day.  A week later.

I also took a day trip to Bath, a 10 minute train ride from Bristol, home of the only Roman Baths in England. I didn’t think much of Bath, to be honest.  It was just a cute city with a ton of tourists, and a ton of stores to make the tourists happy. It was definitely beautiful, but just kind of overrated, in my opinion.  However, just when I was about to head back to Bristol, I stopped for lunch. I got lunch in George Square, where there was a unique market going on. Lots of tents with local crafts, and then a few tents with food.  There was one tent with German food, which sounded amazing. I ended up with the German platter and ate it at one of the tables they had set up. After eating, I got up and tried to find a garbage. There were no garbages,  anywhere! There was another man following me also trying to find a garbage. He struck up a conversation with me and then he ended up giving me a tour of Bath! There was so much that the tourists don’t even know about. Jason (originally from Newcastle, but moved to Bath) took me to some of the most beautiful spots.  There is a canal that runs through the city and feels a little bit like Amsterdam. We talked quite a bit, and then he ended up giving me a ride back to Bristol on the back of his motorcycle. Thanks again, Jason!

I then headed to Brighton for a night to get a feel for the English seaside.  Brighton was good, but a little different than I had expected. Maybe it was because of the crappy, rainy weather or, the sketchy hostel.  But it was definitely a place you can see in 6 hours. I can say I’ve touched the water of the English Channel. The food was also good, so that’s a plus!  I’m sure it would’ve been better on a sunny day.

I ended the trip with a short two night stay in London, visiting my friend Agne.  It is always nice to catch up with friends! And she’s got a wonderful flat in the middle of London. I got in late-ish to London and we caught up a bit before heading to bed as she had to work in the morning.  Tuesday I had all day to explore the city.

The hustle and bustle of London was so real on Tuesday morning.  Riding the tube with the “usual” morning commuters. The men all dressed in their suits and ties, cramming into the crowded subway, not being able to move at all.  It was quite the experience to be a part of it all. I walked within the “Bank” area of London, which may be the equivalent of Wall Street in New York. I definitely felt out of place, but hey, it was something to see.  I walked all over the city and explored Hyde Park and up to Portobello Road. Agne and I met up in the evening at the supermarket and got ingredients to make enchiladas. Yum yum! Agne is a great cook 🙂 We then decided to go out for “one drink” in the SoHo area.  Tuesday’s have great drink deals, so I was talked into it. We had a great time and made it back to sleep before having to catch my 9:30am train back to Edinburgh.

I’m writing this in my hostel, as it is my FINAL night abroad.  I said goodbye to Dalkeith today, and walked my (heavy) luggage to the bus stop and made my way into the city.  I am so exhausted and so ready to start my journey back home.

When I get back home I have no idea what I’m doing.  I have plans to work at Cedar Point this summer, once again. I’ll probably end up doing it because it’s such a good gig. But I’m going back home with an open mind.  That’s all I can really do.


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