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March Madness

It feels like my time here needs to be done. I changed my flight out of Spain for March 31, instead of April 8. I will be in the UK for 2 weeks before returning home. I’m just so ready to be home.  I’m so ready to give my parents a hug and never let go. I’m so ready to hop in my car and go on a drive through the country roads.

I was shocked on Friday morning when my host mom told me I had to leave. According to her, I wasn’t putting in effort to talk to the kids. She never told me this is how she felt until Friday. I actually tried my best and was genuinely happy in this family. Spain is really testing my emotions. I booked a hostel in Barcelona for 8 nights…. As I am still working one final week. I head to Madrid this weekend and then back to Barcelona for 4 nights before I head to Scotland.

I was supposed to have a dinner on Saturday night with the family and their friends. But, that was quickly cancelled. I was free Saturday and my friends here all had plans to go to Valencia for the Las Falles festival. Las Falles is a huge traditional festival where people come together to celebrate and view the huge statues that were built and are later burned down to the ground. I had such a good time with these beautiful humans. Though, just as we were about to head back for the 2:30 am bus pick up time, I found myself craving a doner kebab. I attempted to buy one but their card machine didn’t work and I only had 3 euros of cash on me. So, I met back up with my friends and within 5 minutes another one of my friends also wanted a kebab. So we marched back to the kebab place through a crowd of people. When some guy pulled me aside to tell me I should zip up my backpack. That’s when I lost it. I’m not that stupid. Obviously I zip up my backpack… someone went in and stole my wallet, and a postcard I had just purchased. I didn’t know what else to do but cry. We had to catch the bus in 30 minutes and my credit cards & ID is gone. Thankfully I noticed it so quick and I called my mom (another time Connie is the MVP). She cancelled the cards within 30 minutes of the pickpocketer. I don’t know anyone else that has had this much bad luck. THANKFULLY, there was one credit card I packed with me that I never use.  I guess I’ll be using it now.

Regardless of that happening though, I had such a wonderful time with my friends. It is the last time I will see some of them. My final goodbyes with them will be tomorrow, I already know there will be tears.

My final week is at the academy is done and saying goodbye to these kids and teachers was so hard.  They have been the ones that have made my time here so enjoyable. I didn’t expect my life to be this hectic during my final week, that’s for sure. Spain has been one hell of an experience.

On Monday I headed to Barceloneta where I picked up a bike rental.  It was on my list of things to do in Barcelona, so of course I had to rent a bike.  I biked to the Arc de Triomf and then back to the coast heading north to Forum and then back down, to Sagrada Familia, down to San Antoni and back to Barceloneta.  The bike lanes in Barcelona are great! It’s just finding them, and going in the right direction is the toughest. I got yelled at by a Police Officer for going down the WRONG way in a bike lane. Whoops.  I was so happy on this bike though. It makes me so excited to be back home and bike down the Glacial River Trail.

Then on Tuesday I headed to CosmoCaixa, a famous science museum in Barcelona.  Honestly, I was a little bit disappointed even though it was very informational.  It’s clearly a big spot for class field trips. At times I couldn’t even walk through the museum because there were just kids everywhere.  Which was fine, and I should have expected that. Tuesday night I met up with a friend from Whitewater/Festival Foods as she’s here on her break and studying abroad in Salamanca.  We went to the Jamboree Jazz Club which is also one place that I wanted to see before I left. The music was fantastic and we danced our hearts out.

This weekend I’m heading to Madrid.  I have no idea what to expect. I’ve heard it’s quite different from Barcelona.  I’m excited to explore another Spanish place! Next week are my final days in Spain.  I have a few more things on my Barcelona bucket list! I want to do a day trip down to the coastal town of Sitges, make it up to Tibidabo, and maybe up to Bunkers for the sunset.


4 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. I felt like I was reading one of my own blogs with this one lol! We took the bikes and went exactly where you went, went to CosmoCaixa and were slightly disappointed and crowded by screaming kids and we’re heading home next Friday! I’m sorry to hear about the host family, we haven’t had luck with our flatmates since the beginning so I know how you feel. Ps – go to Sitges you’ll love it xx


      1. I’m stuck in work until 6pm and my flight is at 7:40am!! Not the best way to spend my last day, plus my Dad is here to help us move and he got mugged last night! Think BCN is kicking us out hahaha

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