International Travel

Captivating Cabrils

This weekend was full of events.  Friday after work I headed into Barcelona to find a birthday gift for the host brother, Gil.  I didn’t know what to get him, I was originally thinking something related to the Barcelona Football team.  I decided I should try taking a look at El Corte Ingles (huge department store in Catalunya with 8 floors). I rode the escalator up to each floor and browsed around.  Though, I found myself shopping for myself more than for Gil. I found a couple cute raincoats, but I couldn’t decide on one at the time. I might need to go back and buy one.  I made it to the floor with the electronics and decided a bluetooth speaker would be good for Gil. I bought that and made my way up to the top floor where there is a food court with stunning views of the city.  I had a croissant and my beloved Cacaolat drink (one of the foods I’ll miss most).

Saturday was a huge day.  I went on a hike with the host parents, their friend Gemma, and the two dogs.  We climbed the mountain that surrounds our beautiful village of Cabrils. It is quite the hike up the mountain, but once you make it to the top the views are impeccable. All the hard work pays off and you start to feel accomplished and inspired at the same time.  Cameras couldn’t even do the views justice. It was just incredible. If I get time I would love to climb it again, but take my journal with me and just sit up there and write. 

After the hike we quickly showered and then this time drove up the mountain where there is a delicious restaurant nestled in this mountainous area.  I had the best tasting sangria ever with traditional Spanish cannoles with meat, followed by a piece of mouth-watering chocolate cake. After lunch we went to see Mar play volleyball.  It was a good time, despite being overly tired from the hike. We finally arrived home to Gil and his 20 friends celebrating Gil’s 15th birthday.  As Sunday was Gil’s birthday I gave him my gift, and he lit up as he saw his new speaker.

I also met an American in my town last week!  We went out for a couple beers yesterday and made some plans together before we both head back to the states in a few weeks. It always feels nice to have another American close-by.

Next week is my last week teaching the kids.  I’ve been wrapping up this week with my last educational teaching before we play games all of next week.  It hasn’t really hit me yet that I won’t be seeing these people everyday anymore. Once I get comfortable with everyone, I have to leave.  I guess that’s how it works though, right? It’ll be a sad week, but I’m ready to move on to the next part of life. 




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