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“Snowy” Spain

It’s been quite the cold and wet week here in Spain.  Winters are so mild but it affects everyone here, in terms of their moods.  Everyone is so used to the sun and dry weather all the time.  When there are three continuous days of clouds and rain, you can see it shining in the attitudes of people.  Weird because it’s also somewhat similar to the SPRING is in Wisconsin, and I feel like people are in good moods, generally speaking, since the winter is coming to a close.  There was actually a snow day here yesterday.  But there wasn’t even any snow (on the ground).  HA.  People here haven’t seen snow since 2010.  It is really neat to see their faces light up when they see the snow.

I had a pretty uneventful week, just the normal routine.  Chill mornings, lunch at 2pm, and then off to work.  On Friday I headed into the city for the afternoon and did the normal walk through the city.  I went to Black Remedy, one of my favorite coffee shops, with 10 half written postcards.  I wrote up a storm and just finally yesterday dropped them in the mailbox.  I also finalized my trip to Madrid at the end of March.  Originally, I thought I would be going to Portugal for my Spring Break.  However, the host family invited me to go camping with them up in Costa Brava for a few days.  I thought about it, and the next day I was sold on the camping trip.  It seems like it will be so much fun!  So, my spring break will consist of 3 nights in Madrid, come home, and then do 3-4 nights in Costa Brava with the family.  Because when am I going to get this chance to go camping with them ever again?  My heart was just telling me to do it, even though Portugal would have been so much fun too.  

Saturday was a busy day, as I headed into Barcelona at about 7:45am to make it to Plaza Espanya by 9am.  I was headed to Montserrat, a beautiful mountain an hour and a half from the city.  I was solo on this trip of 75 people but it was all fine and dandy. I made a friend and we hiked it up together.  The weather turned out to be BEAUTIFUL.  I took many photos, which I will include at the bottom.  Once we got to the top of the mountain, we had a nice little picnic and I enjoyed my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Later that night, I had met up with some friends to celebrate Conor’s 25th birthday.  We had booked a hostel room for all of us.  It’s always a special time with these amazing people.  April 8th is going to come so soon and I will leave behind some of my favorite people.  I’m just not going to think about that right now.

Sunday was the hangover day.  Though, I had only gotten three hours of sleep, I was feeling surprisingly refreshed.  The gang and I headed to Firebug for some brunch.  I had the chorizo hash with cafe con leche.  It was super flavorful once I added hot sauce to the chorizo.  My friends and I have taken note on the lack of “spicy-ness” in the foods here.  I miss Mexican food so much.  I find myself thinking of Cozumel in Whitewater often.  If anyone wants to take a trip there once I get back, I am definitely game!  After Firebug, we went to Nomad Coffee and I had a delicious coffee milkshake.  I then left the group and TRIED to go to the Palo Alto Market, an alternative style street market.  But, once I got there, I realized there was no market.  I went online to find that this market is only the first weekend of every month.  Of course, I tried on the LAST weekend.  Hopefully I’ll make it there for the market in April.  It looks like a sweet market.  I then walked up to the beach.  I had never seen this part of the coast before as it’s more north than the central part of Barceloneta.  I fell in love right away with the palm trees lining the bike bath.  Many people were riding on bikes, scooters, going on a run.  There was even a skatepark where a bunch of kids were practicing their skate skills.  I hope to rent a bike soon and do a whole path up the coast and through the city.

Tomorrow I’m headed to London.  This week is apparently the coldest and snowiest week of the winter in London, so I will be packing my warm clothes.  It’s actually pretty “bad” in London.  There have been many cancelled flights, trains, busses.  I’m going at such a wonderful time.  But regardless,  I am so excited to be back in this city, once again.  This time, I will not have missed my flight, so more time to explore this diverse city.  I have a friend there so we will be meeting up for some of the time, as she obviously knows the best parts of the city 🙂DSC02668DSC02675DSC02689DSC02713DSC02733DSC02736DSC02739DSC02740DSC02742


One thought on ““Snowy” Spain

  1. Honestly, this constant Spanish rainy gloom as made me so tempted to just jump on a plane and go back to London. I’d much prefer the snow to rain!


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