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Coming around in Catalonia

What an amazing week!  I have done so many things this past week.  I feel so positive and am finally, for the first time really enjoying my time at “home”.  It’s such a great feeling when you start to enjoy something you should’ve been enjoying four months ago.  I am so thankful for this host family:  Esther (mom), Santi (dad), Mar (16 year old daughter), Gil (14 year old son), and their 6 year old dog, Nuk.

On Tuesday night we had a family dinner around the TV and watched a movie in English (with Spanish subtitles).  It was just adorable.  On Friday night I was just chilling in the living room on my laptop and Santi, sat down next to me and we shared our favorite music back and forth.  Santi told me that he used to go by “Freddie” back in the day because he reminded his friends of Freddie Mercury from Queen.  I shared my favorites with him, and he seemed to really like the sound of The Arctic Monkeys and the reggae vibe of Rebelution.  He also was impressed with the skills of Tash Sultana.  I watched the live performances of Queen on the TV with Santi, and reminisced over his past.  

On Saturday I walked with Esther and Nuk up a BIG mountain.  It was such a climb but worth every second as I was exposed to some of the most beautiful parts of Spain.  After that successful hike, we went to see Gil play football.  It was a tough loss to the best team in the league, but regardless it was fun to experience a youth football game.  And then that night we were all invited to have a dinner at a friend’s house.  The mom, dad, brother and I went to the dinner and it was such a great time.  All 7 of us sat around the table and shared stories, and I attempted to speak in Spanish to explain where I come from.  I learned about the typical Catalan desserts and had quite a bit of wine.  Basically:  I’m so glad I decided to stay in Spain rather than going back to the United States.

I’ve fallen in love with Nuk. He and I have become best friends.  I take him on walks, feed him peanut butter, and he is always next to me no matter where I am in the house. He’s standing right next to me as I type this.  Even though I’m more of a cat person, I’ve recently begun to really love dogs.

This weekend is a holiday here, Carnaval, similar to Mardi Gras.  This means there’s no school on Monday, an extra day to explore!  I will be heading to the North of Spain with three other friends to visit the Basque area of Bilbao and San Sebastian.  We will be spending one night in each place.  I cannot way to see what this weekend brings! 


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