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Electrified in España

Things have been looking up for me. Thank goodness. I met a new friend, Nicole, in my small town who is from the United States. It’s so nice to have another American within walking distance.  We explored Barcelona last Friday and met some great people while adventuring around the city. We also saw Gramatik in concert in the city on Tuesday night (Halloween). How do I even begin to explain this night?  Absolutely amazing. Nicole and I got to our hostel and as we walked into our room we met two other girls (Heather and Takita) that were also getting ready to go to the concert.  Both of them are also English teachers in the surrounding Barcelona area.  One being from the United States, and other from South Africa.  We met up at the concert and danced our hearts out.  The venue, Poble Espanyol was unreal.  It was set up similar to a (huge) greenhouse, with plants hanging from the ceiling.  It was an outdoor venue, but had a somewhat indoor feel.  This was actually very convenient because it was cold that night.  The night was full of great people and great vibes.  The following morning we went out for brunch and met up with other English teachers within the program that Heather and Takita are in.  I was incredibly exhausted from the night before but I just decided to go with the flow because it was such a relief to meet other people in your same shoes.  These English teachers came from England, Scotland, South Africa, and the United States.  Ironically, I even met this guy Mitch who is from…… WHITEWATER, WISCONSIN. I’m still in shock about the whole situation.  We have mutual friends from back home.  And we had no idea about each other until we introduced ourselves in the MIDDLE of Barcelona.  All in all, Halloween was fantastic.

I also went to Bunkers this past weekend, which is an overlook of  Barcelona. WOW. That places takes your breath away (literally).  Climbing up to the top is a workout, but is definitely worth it in the end.  The views of the city make you feel inspired.  Though, getting to Barcelona and getting home from Barcelona was trickier than I would’ve hoped for. Daylight Savings happened the night before and I didn’t know of it since I don’t have a cell phone at the moment. That being said, my timing was all off with the busses.  As well as a HUGE Pro-Spain demonstration happening exactly where I was once I got off the train.  It took me 30 minutes to walk two blocks through thousands of people.  It also affected the busses for the way back home.  I was slightly puzzled the whole day, but I finally figured it out. With everything happening in Catalonia right now (politically speaking) it’s making public transportation a lot more complicated than it already is. Certain bus routes shut down or run on minimal services, and of course my bus was one of them.

I have planned a trip for this weekend to Valencia (Spain), south of Barcelona on the coast. And then later to Lyon, France the first weekend in December. The adventure never stops!

Adéu 🙂


2 thoughts on “Electrified in España

  1. So happy things are going better for you. How crazy that you met someone from Whitewater! It is a small world after all! What an amazing opportunity for you to meet people from so many different countries and cultures. Wish I could have done something like this whe I was your age! Stay safe and enjoy!


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