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Barcelona Absorption in Week 3

Each day I spend exploring Barcelona, I feel more and more confident about the city.  It’s one of those cities where you can get lost by taking the wrong turn.  But, Barcelona is one of those places where it is GOOD to get lost.  You look up – and all around you is amazing architecture.  Each building is so different from the next, with so much detail in every inch.  There are countless shops and cafes on each block.  It’s a good thing I’m here for 6 months!  The language barrier is still a struggle but I just have to keep on trying.  The people here are truly welcoming and the fact that they try to speak English to you is so nice. Now I need to start trying with Spanish.

Being a teacher is not easy. As the daughter of a teacher, I have seen all the extra work that is put into the job.  Much respect to all those teachers out there! When you become the teacher, your whole perspective changes.  Luckily in 2017, there are TONS of teaching resources available online. The British Council website has become my best friend when it comes to lesson plans. What would I do without technology?

It’s tough to know what level of English these children have.  Some are better at English than others.  Obviously the 13 year olds have more knowledge than the 8 year olds, but even within the same age, the personal level varies.  Catering to these varied age groups is a struggle sometimes.  

Activities go over much better than structured worksheets.  But what activities should we do?  Basically, I’m the “speaking” English teacher.  These students must speak English with me, and that’s pretty much the main objective:  speaking.  Speaking is the level of language learning that is the hardest part. I give these kids a lot of credit because I personally wouldn’t be comfortable speaking with a native English (and only English) teacher.  Some of these children aren’t very comfortable speaking only in English, but you know what, THEY TRY. And that’s all that matters.  This is some good advice for myself.Each day is a new learning experience as a teacher.

In other news, Tuesday October 10 was an interesting day for Catalonia.  The Catalonian President, Carles Puigdemont, promised his voters in favor of independence, that there would be independence.  Tuesday was supposed to be the day it happened.  President Puigdemont took the stage and started talking.  He said he wasn’t going to declare independence anymore.  All of the voters who voted for independence seemed in shock and confused. This whole situation is super confusing to me.  I have the news on, but it’s all in Catalan (and there are no English subtitles on the TV).

I’m taking a mini break from Spain for the weekend and am flying up to Manchester, England. I am super excited to go back to the United Kingdom!  I’ve heard great things about Manchester and look forward to this weekend.  

¡Hasta luego!




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