International Travel

Week 1 ✓


I still cannot believe I’m living in Spain.  These past few mornings I woke up and thought I was back in Wisconsin.

I’m living in a small village just 20 minutes north of Barcelona,  Vilassar De Dalt. Population: 9,000.  It’s surprisingly convenient.  The home I live in is a 3 minute walk away from where I work. Everything is within a 5-7 minute walk.  Though the name of the village Vilassar De Dalt- DALT means TOP, as in a mountain.  So, as you can imagine the roads are a bit up and down.  It can be a workout walking around the town.  Maybe I don’t need a gym membership after all?

I haven’t made it into the city yet, as I arrived to Spain at an interesting time politically speaking.  Catalonia (Barcelona area/ Northeastern Spain) is voting THIS Sunday (October 1) on whether they want to be independent from the rest of Spain or not.  This whole area seems to want to BE independent.  It’s a bit crazy around here. People are outside honking and making noise as I type this. Though, I’m venturing into the city tomorrow so I hope it’s not too chaotic with the protests. I’ll keep you guys updated with the results after the vote on Sunday.

And how’s the English teaching going?  Oh well that’s a good question.  I feel SO completely lost when it comes to teaching.  I have no teaching skills to begin with. I don’t know Spanish. I don’t know Catalan.  I’m clueless.  How do you keep kids (ages 4-15) interested?  How do you discipline the kids when you don’t even know their native language?  If anyone has any tips, let me know 🙂

I’m learning that one of life’s true challenges is figuring out who you are when you are in an unfamiliar place surrounded with people of different cultures and different languages. As an American, we are usually so dependent on other people knowing English.  But now, I’m somewhere where English is not the main language, Spanish is. This really gives a person motivation to learn a new language.

I’m beyond grateful for my Spanish family.  They are so helpful with the language barrier, as well as my fellow teachers Ryan, Marc, and Marta.  They have welcomed me with open arms.  I couldn’t have asked for a better welcoming!

New vocabulary learned after week one include:

  1. Vale –> Okay, good, understood
  2. Mira! –> Look!
  3. Adeu, Adeu  —> Bye, bye


Hasta Luego 🙂



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